How can I setup Samba (Windows Network Places) services?

I can’t access shared folders. How do I resolve this problem?

How can I setup Samba services on Mac OS?

My router doesn't have a public IP address. Can I still use AiCloud?

Why do I have Local Network showing alongside AiCloud Device List?



The computers listed are incorrect. How to refresh the device list. 

I can not wake up my PC. How to troubleshot?

Why can’t I stream play multimedia content using the AiCloud app?

What is the recommended upload speed for different types of media format?

I shared many files with share link. How can I manage the shared files.

Can I set different Smart Sync rules to multiple WebStorage accounts?

Can I sync with special folders on WebStorage?

How to access the AiCloud with browser.

Why cannot I see the upload button in web interface.

Where can I see and change the DDNS name assigned by the AiCloud App automatically?



Is the AiCloud connectivity secure?

Why do I need to key in the user name/password again when using Smart Access?

Why the browser shows the security certification alert when using browser to connect AiCloud?

Where can I find the AiCloud usage information?

Does AiCloud have any method to prevent account from Brute-Force attack?



What media AiCloud support?

What are the supported formats for Mac OS web video streaming?

Browser support features

The supported language of AiCloud

*Additional public cloud service support and certain features to be added at a later time.
*The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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